L!KE Learning & Training Solutions

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Blended Learning

Complete Training Support Packages (TSPs) are not intended to replace traditional classroom learning. However, TSPs are developed to enhance the overall training experience, condense the amount of time employees are away from their jobs and provide our clients with an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).



Effective use of video in learning and training can be an extremely powerful learning solution. Storytelling makes learning and training relateable. L!KE Solutions professional video development team specializes in providing variation in instructional delivery to captivate learners and cause them to sit up, take notice and most importantly, learn.



The days of “death by training presentations" are over! Today’s learner is demanding high-end engaging training instruction that is available anytime/anywhere! Don’t bore your employees with overwhelming content and completely miss the training objectives!


3D Models / Simulations / Gamification

At L!KE Solutions, we bring ideas to life using advanced 3D modeling, simulation and animation capabilities. Enable learners to immerse themselves in real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe, risk-free environment!