The experts at L!KE Solutions help their clients improve employee retention rates, build stronger career-oriented relationships and foster cultures of innovation.

Its team of seasoned Instructional Systems Designers, 3D animators, gaming experts and digital media producers craft customized learning strategies that are tailored to fit your organization's exact needs.


“We are so much more than JUST training!”


Too often, organizations provide cookie-cutter, page-turner-training that is inconsistent across multiple organizations.

At L!KE Solutions, every learning experience is unique and customized to the end-user's exact needs.

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What is there to L!KE?

L!KE Solution's senior Instructional Systems Designers (ISDs) apply best practices and techniques to create instructionally sound learning.  L!KE products leverage the benefits of modern instructional delivery trends alongside custom 3D models to dramatically increase learner retention rates.  Plus, every L!KE product is customized to fit organizational requirements for total consistency.

Our products are coupled with professional voice-over talent, instructional branching, remediation, analytics, gamification exercises, videos, avatars and so much more!  The L!KE Solutions team has the ability to provide learning in up to 196 different languages to give your organization a true global impact.

With L!KE, there are no limits. 


Today’s learners demand that engaging, relevant information materializes at their fingertips anytime/anywhere.


Digital Media Solutions You Will L!KE


Blended Learning

Complete Training Support Packages (TSPs) that are not intended to replace traditional classroom learning; however, are developed to enhance the overall experience, condense the amount of time employees are away from their jobs and provide our clients with an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).


E-Learning and

The days of “death by training presentations" are over! Today’s learner is demanding high-end engaging instruction that is available anytime/anywhere!

Don’t bore your employees with overwhelming content and completely miss the learning objectives!


3D Models and Simulations

At L!KE Solutions, we bring ideas to life using advanced 3D modeling, simulation and animation capabilities with artists who have supported major gaming platforms.

We will keep the learner engaged and excited with high-end visuals!



Effective use of video in learning can be an extremely powerful learning solution. Storytelling makes learning relateable. L!KE Solutions professional video development team specializes in providing variation in instructional delivery, which captivates learners and causes them to sit up, take notice and most importantly, learn. Videos include state-of-the-art green screen studio, HD video, professional audio, instructional text-layovers, sound effects, 3D animations, and so much more!

Today's learner is on the move - they want the information in their pocket. V-Learning gives them just that!

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App Development

Mobile devices offer users with instant access to content anytime, anywhere. L!KE Solutions offers mobile development supporting iOS and Android operating systems. Touch your targets 24/7 via today's growing smartphone and tablet markets!


Custom Infographics

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. L!KE Solutions designs fully custom, high quality infographics which are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles! Transform the way you communicate using these insightful, engaging printable infographics, with draft turnarounds in as little as one business day.


Job Aids

Easily retrievable information whenever you need it! L!KE Solutions create high quality, visually appealing instructional content authored and managed by senior technical writers, editors, graphic designers and enablement specialists.

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L!KE Analytics

Unleash the power of your team’s knowledge with L!KE Analytics - a next generation learning platform powered by a propriety analytics engine. Its cloud first, mobile optimized design delivers an enhanced learning experience focused on actionable metrics, tailored career progression and social connectivity.



Enable learners to immerse themselves in real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe, risk-free environment! If you're looking for a way to transform your learning into a dynamic and innovative experience, then serious gaming may be the ideal solution!


Mobile Text Challenge

Challenge your employees who are always on the go! Connect with your team via the source of instant connection - mobile devices.
99% of text messages that we send are read.
90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receiving them!

L!KE’s mobile-friendly quizzes are distributed via text message and challenge learner’s critical knowledge and on-the-job skills.



Electronic Magazines, or eZines, communicate with all audiences in a fun and engaging way. It allows them to interact with content, actually turn pages, view animations and retain content that may otherwise be boring and hard to understand.

eZines are strategically designed to your company brand, content and style. eZines can even include quizzes and analytics that can be rolled up to your leadership team for smart data. Their interactivity and important information will keep your learners wanting more!

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